Keenan I. Nichols

Keenan I. Nichols, Owner and Computer Engineer

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Vision, Mission, and Purpose

  • Our Vision is to create the best IP based camera systems possible.
  • Our Mission is to help our clients achieve greater levels of productivity in Operations and Process Controls.
  • Our Purpose is to create superior, long-term productive conditions for our clients.

Our Story

One Nature derived its name from the quote “Nature, to be commanded, must be obeyed” by Francis Bacon, who is famous for his promotion of the scientific method. At One Nature, we define nature as all of existence, the sum of that which is. We think of nature as a system of interconnected interacting entities governed by law. Francis Bacon pointed out, eloquently, that if we are to rearrange nature, to create new products, to serve our own purposes, then we must understand nature’s laws and use them accordingly.

Our name, One Nature, emphasizes that our business is reality-focused. In order to be better, we must know what the facts are. ‘One Nature’ emphasizes our business uses objective reasoning. We make quality decisions founded on careful understanding of the facts.

Keenan I. Nichols is the Owner and Computer Engineer of One Nature LLC. Keenan has experience in the Oil & Gas industry with instrumentation and automation control background, designing new instrumentation and control systems, parts procurement, construction guidance and leading, commissioning, troubleshooting and diagnosing.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, Keenan created One Nature LLC, an IT Solutions Manufacturer, Consultancy and Value-Added Reseller. We are a Houston based, Veteran-Owned Small Business. We provide IP Camera Solutions to monitor incidents, protect assets, and manage health and safety.

Keenan spent four years in the United States Marine Corps Infantry. Afterwards, Keenan graduated with a Computer Engineer (electrical track) degree at Texas A&M University and went on to take the FE Exam (Engineer-In-Trianing / EIT). Keenan has been working in Oil & Gas Industry since 2007. Keenan likes comedy and speaking in the third person.